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Elite Prep is the first of its kind in the Pacific NW. We are located in Issaquah, WA. Elite Prep was founded to provide young male student athletes with a platform to play against the nation’s best high school basketball programs while also securing a college scholarship. We will provide an academic regiment that will not only improve the student athlete’s transcript, but will also prepare him with the study habits necessary to be successful at the collegiate level. 
Elite Prep will have a rigorous skill development program that will prepare our athletes to have the skill set needed to compete at the college level. The final component to our program is providing these young men with life skills that will help them make the right choices to become mature/productive men in our society. Below is an overview of Elite Prep, please contact Tayon Ary-Turner at 425-441-8280 with any questions.

Team Registration

Team Waiver



  • Eastside Academic School ( Gr 9/10) 

  • Running Start @ Bellevue College  ( (Gr 11/12) 

  • Post Grad Athletes will have 4 courses to comply with scholastic requirements by NCAA and Eastside Academic School. The courses will consist of ACT/SAT Prep, Personal Finance, Work Study, Gym.


  • Tayon Ary-Turner (Owner)

  • Jackie Lewis (Certified Washington State Teacher/Principal)

  • Tayon Ary-Turner(Coach)

  • Patrick Price (Asst Coach/Resident Asst) 

Why Elite Prep:

  • Our Elite prep program and Team Lavine gold teams are on the Adidas Gauntlet.

  • The Prep team travels 6-8 times per year where they compete against the top competition in the world and play in from of hundreds of college coaches.

  • We have top tier NBA level trainers and high level coaches.

  • Prep will develop you, promote you and do our best to help place you at a college.

  • We have successfully ran the premier prep school in Washington state for 4 years. 

  • Our program is trusted and endorsed by several schools including UW, Oregon State, Idaho, Seattle University, amongst many others. 


Alumni Include: (D1 and D2 only) 

  Trevon Ary-Turner (Weber St.)                                               Javion Garrett (Western Wash)                        

  Sam Cunliffe (Arizona St/Kansas)                                         Elijah Peppers (UC Davis)                                  

  Michael Carter (Univ. of Wash)                                               Coleman Sparling ( Central Wash

  Terrell Brown (Seattle)                                                            Ty Gibson (Eastern Washington

  Garrett Kingman (Idaho)                                                          Tristan Miguel (Western Oregon) 

  Callum Kimberely (Idaho St.)                                                  Ryan Lacy (Western Oregon) 

  Tomas Domingas (Idaho)                                                         Nate Pryor (UW commit)

  Scott Kellum (Univ of Victoria)                                                O'landa Baker (Western Oregon)

  Cade McGill (Western Oregon)                                                Justus Rainwater (Florida Gulf Coast) 

  Matisse Thybulle (Univ of Wash)                                             Yousef Mohammed (Tennessee St)

  Tyler Patterson ( Montana St)                                                 Zane Foster (Saginaw St) 

  Mitchell Saxon (St Mary's)                                                       Daniel Pavel (Shorter Univ)

  Jabe Mullins (St. Mary's)                                                          Adam Parker (Dominican Univ) 

  Tanner Davis (Central Wash)                                                  Dom Postel (Simon Frazier) 

Our Trainers Train the follow top collegiate and NBA players:

  • Mario Chalmers (Memphis Grizzles)

  • Zach Lavine (Chicago Bulls)

  • Jamal Crawford (Minnesota Timberwolves)

  • Isiah Thomas (Cleveland Cavs)

  • Michael Porter Jr (Missouri)

  • Alonzo Trier (Arizona)


Colleges that have attended our Prep Practices/Trainings (Last 2 years):

  Washington | Louisville | Oklahoma | Washington St | Utah St | Portland    

  Idaho | Idaho St | San Francisco | Cal Poly | Seattle Univ | Weber St | Montana | Kennesaw St | Portland St
  and more!! 


Colleges/Conferences that have attended our Prep Games  (Last 2 years):
  • Pac 12        

  • Big 12

  • Big Sky        

  • WCC

  • Mountain West

  • Ivy league

  • Big West      

  • Wac 

  • and more!!!



Elite Prep Schedule Highlights:
  • Findlay Prep

  • Prolific

  • IMG

  • Monte Verde

  • CIS Tournament

  • Tarkanian Classic (8-0)

  • Myrtle Beach, SC national prep 

  • Dallas Invitational

  • and more!!!!

Tuition Packages:

  • Gr 9/10

       $26,000 (reg. $39,500)      Full time enrollment at Eastside Academics private school/prep travel/

                                                    all gear/training

      Discount Years 2-5 $19,500     

      Additional $1750 (aver)   Spring/Summer Prep team travel

  • Gr 11/12 and Post Grad 

​          $18,000 (reg. $20,000)     Running start/NCAA compliance classes (at our academy)/                                 

                                                   prep travel/all gear/training 

     Housing is approximately $1100/month 


​    *Tuition must be paid in full by Dec 15th of calendar year attending

  * Scholarship players must work at tournaments and help with maintenance of elite properties

Elite's Wellness Center:

 Elite has a state of the art wellness and recovery center for our athletes. Equipment includes:

  • Cryo therapy chamber

  • Arp Machine

  • Normatec Compression system

  • Nutritionist

Our Non Profit Arm (KIDSSTUFF 501c):

 Kids Stuff is a 501c that helps Elite Prep raise funds for young athletes that cannot financially afford this  program.

​   ​

  • 9-12pm: Academics

  • 12:30-1:15: Lunch

  • 1:30-3: Team Practice

  • 3-5pm: Basketball training or weight/speed and agility

  • 5-6pm: Team/Individual Meetings


Additional Classes:
  • Life Skills (Marty Benedict):

  • Hygiene

  • Credit/Money

  • Kids/Parenting/Marriage

  • Career

  • College

  • People Skills

  • Laws to follow


  • Louis Wilson: Division 1 basketball Coach (Utah State)

  • Jackie Lewis: Principal in Washington School District

  • Marty Benedict: Pastor @ SVA

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