In March of 2018 the Elite ownership/management team was offered the unique opportunity to represent Zach Lavine on the Adidas Gold Gauntlet circuit.


Previous to this Elite had a silver affiliation, but with Tony Willis’ long time relationship as Zach Lavine’s trainer, we have been blessed with the ability to compete on the Adidas Gold Gauntlet.

The Adidas Gold Gauntlet is a travel team circuit for Adidas teams to gain exposure in front of college coaches, media outlets and their peers. 

Elite’s management team of Tony/Laura Willis, Jason/Jamie Marr and Tayon Ary-Turner will run the Team Lavine teams with the same class and integrity as we have cultivated at the Elite Sports Academy.

Elite Sports Academy’s 15U, 16U and 17U boys and girls teams will wear the Team Lavine logo.

Here at Elite we pride ourselves on showing loyalty to our returning members. We show this loyalty to our members by offering preregistration in the Fall and Winter seasons. Members are guaranteed a spot on an Elite team without the stress of attending tryouts every season.

 It is our belief that the kids that are committed to unlimited training at Elite will improve at a faster rate and execute more effectively than those attending other programs that offer limited training opportunities. These skills could ultimately put them in the que for winning a spot on one of the top Team Lavine teams in future years. In the first 2 Team Lavine seasons 40% of the top team spots were offered to Elite members.


If your goal is to play on a Team Lavine 15, 16 or 17U team, it would definitely be to your advantage to play in the Elite program and attend the unlimited training classes at the youngest age possible. History has shown that our returning members who make a commitment to daily training have an advantage over those coming from other programs.

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