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  1. Spring / Summer 2023 Apparel Package

    1. Elite Sports Academy is thrilled to have a four-year sponsorship agreement with Adidas.  Part of this growing relationship is the opportunity to brand our teams with Adidas apparel and accessories.  Thus, for 2023, each Elite Sports Academy member will be required to order the Adidas apparel package when signing up.  

The cost is $275 and it will include an Adidas uniform, hoodie, and backpack.  If you signed up previously and didn’t purchase the apparel package at that time, you will receive a link to purchase the package.


Elite Sports Academy


  1. Spring / Summer 2023 Steps for Uniform and Apparel Package

    1. Elite Sports Academy is excited that you are choosing our program for the Spring and Summer AAU season.  Below are the steps to complete the process of ordering your uniform and apparel package.

      1. Log onto to or click the button below. 

      2. Scroll down to your student-athletes grade level and select ‘Build Bundle’

      3. Select the size and number of jerseys and click ‘Save and Continue

      4. Select a size for short and click ‘Save and Continue’

      5. Select a size for a hoodie and click ‘Save and Continue’

      6. Select ‘Save and Continue’ for backpack

      7. Once your bundle is correct you will see four green checkmarks, which will allow to checkout by clicking ‘Add Bundle to Cart’

      8. Please continue to ‘Checkout’ and fill out Customer Information, Shipping Method and Payment.

      9. Lastly, click ‘Place Order’ to complete your order.

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