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Team Fee Payment: 
    Put in player name/grade/team in box before hitting Buy Now/Subscribe 
Contact us if you are not sure which payment to select. Paypal processing fee will be deducted if a refund is needed. 

Full Payment of $1974

Initial Payment $658 + 4 payments of $329

Full Sibling $1480.50

Initial sib fee $493.50 + 4 payments of $246.75

Only use the sibling discount buttons if you have already paid full payment/or initial payment for your first child.  

Elite "AR" full season Initial payment of $576 + 4 payments of $288. 

Elite "AR" short season Initial payment of $576 + 2 payments of $288. 

If your 2nd child is on an "AR" team - please call us for payment instruction to get your 25% discount.