2022 Spring/Summer Tryouts


  • We will post players names (by Grade 3-8) on Monday Feb 14, Feb 28, and March 7th if you have been selected to play on a Spring/Summer Elite team. CLICK ON THE BLACK BOX BELOW TO SEE IF YOUR NAME IS ON THE LIST . 

      We will not be posting the players on existing teams that signed up before tryouts. So if it looks like there

      are not enough players for a team we may be adding new players to an existing team. 


  • HS players will receive a phone call/text message/or email if you have been selected for an Elite team. (we will not post on the website) 

  • You have 48 hours to accept your invitation from the dates we post/email/text or call.  48 hours will be Feb 16, Mar 2, March 9th. 

  • BEFORE YOU ACCEPT AN INVITATION:  If you have ANY QUESTIONS you must get them them answered BEFORE completing reg/payment. If you need a certain coach, or to be on the same team as a friend, or specific practice days...DO NOT SIGN UP TILL YOU GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED. Once you have committed we have a strict NO REFUND POLICY. Refunds are only given if we are not able to field a team for you.  

  • ** We need at least 7 players for a team. If we do not have 7 players register for a team and the team does not come together, we will refund those of you who paid.  

  • Send your questions to INFO@ELITESPORTSNW.COM or call the person listed at the bottom of tryout results for each team. 


       Your payment secures your spot, not your registration. 

      Click on the button below to see posting of those invited to join: 

Our membership and program is based on training first and using games to put what you have learned into action. It is our goal to have all student athletes that desire to play at Elite have an opportunity to do so. With that being said we can only control the number of players we invite to each team. We have no control over how many players accept their invitation. So we may plan for 2 teams of 9, and end up with one team of 12, or 2 teams of 7. We are confident that we can give your child a good experience. If your on a team with fewer players we can swing players from the other team at your grade level to help , and if it's a larger team we can add a few tournaments so everyone gets more chances to play.