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Reach your athletic potential with Vertimax sports specification training. Train for your position in your sport and become the best athlete you can be. Train exact movements that are performed on the pitch to become more of a threat athletically.


Basketball - Increase Functional Strength, Improve Speed & Explosive First Step Quickness, Maximize Vertical Jump Gains. 

Soccer - Increase speed and power, foot coordination.

Volleyball - Increase vertical leap, defensive speed to create explosive and dominate hitters and blockers.


Baseball - Improve leg, arm and hip rotation speed and power to increase hitting distance and throwing speed. Improve speed to become quicker at stealing bases and a better outfielder!


Football - Increase vertical, explosion and power of cuts, lateral , backpedal and straight ahead speed + quickness.


Become the best athlete you can be training with Vertimax! Call Mike Johnson at

206 851-9145 for pricing/available times. 

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