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Team Snap

We use Team Snap as our primary form of communication with our members.  Both the athletes and their parents are able to be part of Team Snap. Once you have registered for the season, and once the previous season has been concluded new rosters will be added to team snap. You will receive an email to invite you to the group.   If you want a jump start, we recommend downloading the app to your phone.    ​


AAU Membership

AAU memberships go from September to August. If your child does not already have a current AAU membership, then please click on the "AAU Website" button below to get your new AAU number. ​After you have your AAU membership number, you will need to enter this on Teamsnap in the box for "position(s)".​


AAU Club Code Kidsstuff:  W3AFY5

AAU website

Registration Part 5 - Team Information

You are now finished with Registration!
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