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At Elite Sports Academy we believe that our training programs are at the foundation of what we do.  
By receiving effective instruction and developing discipline, our student-athletes prepare for success
on and off the court.  Unlimited training classes are offered Monday – Friday.  There are 3 sessions each weekday, with a choice of 2 different classes each session.  For all Elite Sports Team athletes, the cost of Unlimited Training is included in your Team Fee. 

If you are not playing on an Elite Sports team and DO NOT PLAY FOR A COMPETING ORGANIZATION, you can register for unlimited training for $275/mo.

To register for Unlimited Training:

Personal Training

Elite Sports Academy offers top-level personal instruction.  Some techniques require and are accelerated through one-on-one instruction attention. Personal training can be used by any level of player.  Our trainers set their own fees for personal training and schedule their own private lessons.  Please email to request contact information.

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